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Tittle : Lolipop
Disclaimer : They are mine, just for the sake of this fic...
Rate : PG
Pair : Akame (mostly), TackeyxTsubasa (a bit), hint of ryoda... or junda? Who knows? :-D
Genre : Friendship
Warning : un-beta-ed, grammatical error, chibi characters, etc
Summary : There was a magic in a lollipop. Someone who ate that candy would be fated with anyone who watched them when they ate it. Was it true or was it just a fairytale for kids?


Grab the lollipop here...Collapse )

The One And Only

Title : The One and Only
Author : Purikazu
Pairing : Akame
Genre : Angst (just a bit) and Romance (maybe, not sure)
Rating : PG (just to be safe)
Disclaimer : I’d like to keep them only for my self, unfortunately i can’t. Because they’re not mine...
Summary : They loved each other. But they knew the decision for their story wasn’t in their hands. They had to find the best choice, not only for them but also for the people around them. Even if they should end everything for a better beginning...

A/N : Hello, minna-san.. Err, i’m a bit clumsy in introduction thing, because my english isn’t so good. This is my first Akame fic. So please bear with a lot of mistakes and incorrect words or weird senteces. I just want to share my love for akame with all of you. So, happy reading... \(n_n)/
The decision...Collapse )

To "ME" who always hiding...

Happy Birthday for my you, dear..

birthday cake 2

So, this is your 23rd bday, ne??

what do you want to do? still hiding? never want to step out from your hidden place?

well, maybe the world isn't always be nice to you... but are you sure you can survive this way? are you sure you won't go insane?

your choice is in your hand, and you decide what you want to do the most..

if it was comfortable for you, just do it then..

there is one thing that i want to say now, it's very simple..

ne, listen :

"Take care of your self, kay?" ^.^




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